Top Web Hosting Companies

Hosting is essential for your site to be available for your customers. However, you don’t always have to choose the cheapest host.

An experienced SEO company can make sure your site loads fast, helps your website rank high and helps your website become more secure. In other words, they can help your website get more visitors.

So, the next time you decide to hire an SEO company, you can start by checking out their experience. One that has over 10 years of experience in web design will make sure that they can give you a premium web hosting plan that meets all your web hosting needs, since there are many services for this, check out knownhost’s dedicated hosting plans here to find what adjust to your site.

Top web hosting companies

Even if you want to host your website from scratch, a website can only run so fast on a great hosting plan. So, you need a company that will help make sure that your site is going to be fast and they offer a lot of resources to make that happen.

That is why the best web hosting companies offer free hosting so you can start your website right away.

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Free WordPress

It seems like WordPress is still the go-to platform for web developers and web designers, so it’s no surprise that the software will always be up-to-date.

But a lot of web hosting companies, despite their best intentions, cannot keep up with WordPress. They often introduce the software and release it to make money, but later they mess up and the software gets outdated.

The truth is, it’s never too early to begin hosting your website with WordPress. But you must make sure that you sign up to the proper WordPress hosting plan.

See the WordPress Hosting Cost Estimate.


If you’re using Cloudflare, you’re already using cloud servers which means that your website load times will be fast. Your website can be protected from hacking and you won’t need to worry about those pesky DNS issues.

What this means for you is that it’s really easy to get your website working quickly and you can do that without paying a single dollar. And by using Cloudflare, your website will only need a small amount of bandwidth when your client visitors are coming to your website.

Here is what Cloudflare has to say about their service.

“We’ve built a fully encrypted network that benefits millions of businesses, government agencies, and users around the world by delivering exceptional web experience with ease. Our customers benefit from automated infrastructure provisioning, exceptional speed, and seamless-quality connections.”

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All-in-One Solution

If you need a unique solution that combines the best of both of your worlds, then a website host that offers all the best of web hosting and web hosting plus backups and backup plans is a must.

For example, your website could use a web server that offers shared hosting and multiple sub-domains. In other words, you could use a single page website that also serves as an email spam filter, file storage, and mail server.


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