Gayatri Mantra for kids with meaning

This video is done by kids as summer project. The song sung, the meanings and the instruments played, all is done by school going kids.

The Gayatri Mantra is a Sanskrit verse that is a gift to all humanity and may be chanted/recited by anyone regardless of their religious affiliation. Eastern scholars have believed since time immemorial that this Mantra is a grantor of great mental peace, prosperity, and direction in life.

The Mantra contains three elements. The first is a prayer to the Higher Power Governing the Universe (denoted by the name “Om”). Second, it recounts the most comforting attributes of our Maker. Third, an ‘Upasana’ – a loving expression of desire for proximity and/or attachment to our Maker.

In its essence, the mantra is an expression of surrender and a prayer for wisdom.

The mantra may be roughly translated from Sanskrit as follows:

“O Protector, Giver of life, Remover of sorrows, and Grantor of happiness,
We surrender ourselves to your inspirational power;
We focus our mind on your purifying power,
Please guide our minds to take right decisions.”

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