Halloween Pocoyo! Enjoy Halloween in Pocoyo World (www.pocoyo.com)

Boooooooooooooooooo! je je je 🙂 Enjoy new exciting and thrilling Halloween content in Pocoyo World (www.pocoyo.com), including: – Four new costumes! : two vampires and two witches models. – Objects and toys: New Halloween objects available for decorating \’my world\’. Some pumpikins, ghosts and spiders. – A brand new scary fun game: \’Secret Labyrinth\’. Placed in the \’Amusement Park\’, in this game we will have to find the key which opens the exit door, while we collect sweets, through three floors. – Complete all the \’weekly album\’ tasks to win the exclusive new mummy costume. – New mission:search all the pumpkin pieces through Pocoyo World and take them to the garden in the Main Square to build a giant pumpkin.

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