Teach “Say no to strangers” in a fun way

Must show to kids. “SAY NO TO STRANGERS” song teaches kids what to do in different situations when they meet strangers. The concept is tought by means of a fun song.

Concepts children can learn:

1. Body safety 2. Saying ” No ” to strangers 3. Telling a grown-up

Just as we teach our children street or fire safety, we need to teach them body safety. Body safety is a preventative method to help children protect themselves from those who might victimize them. This song consists of 4 verses. Verse 1- what to do if approached by a stranger. Verse 2- what to do if lost in a store and approached by a stranger. Verse 3- what to do if a stranger offers a ride home.
Verse 4- what to do if a stranger asks for directions.

Discuss each verse. Ask children what they would do if in the same situation.

“Say No to Strangers” lyrics
Kate was playing in her yard when a man pulled up in a very nice car he said,” Hey little girl, I lost my dog. If you help me find him I’ll give you this doll “. Now, Kate’s a smart girl, she knew something’s wrong. She yelled, “No” to him and ran and told her mom.
Chorus: We are smart. We know what to do. We’re gonna say no to you. (2 times)
Part A: Say, No. ” No” Say, No to you. “No to you.”

Billy was shopping with his mom. He turned around and she was gone. Well, Billy was scared and all alone when a man said, ” Son, I’ll take you home.” Now Billy was smart. He knew what to say. He dropped to the floor and yelled, ” Go away!”

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Part A

A lady told Sue as she was leaving school, “Your mom sent me to pick-up you. The lady was pretty and very nice but Sue didn’t know her and that’s not right. Now Sue’s a smart girl when the lady tried to reach her. She yelled, “NO” to her and ran and told her teacher.

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Part A

Out riding his bike on a sunny day, a man in a van pulled next to Ray. The man smiled and said, “I’m lost today. Please, hop inside, show me the way.” Now, Ray’s a smart boy. We sure are glad. He peddled right home and told his dad.

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Part A (4 times)
Repeat Chorus (4 times

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